Dental Implants

It can be challenging to live with missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause difficulties with biting and chewing, can cause problems with speech, and the gaps they leave behind may affect your self-esteem and make you less likely to smile.

Fortunately, Dr. Cave offers dental implants that can replace these missing teeth, restoring their functionality, improving your oral health, and giving you your smile back.

A significant advance in modern dentistry, dental implants replace the root of the tooth, making the replacement look and act the same as a natural tooth. They can be used to replace a single missing tooth or as part of a bridge or implant-retained denture which makes for a more stable and functional alternative to traditional dentures.

Benefits of Dental Implants 


The titanium post of the dental implant stimulates the surrounding bone structure, helping to reduce the bone loss normally resulting from missing teeth.


Dental implants fill the gaps that missing teeth leave behind, which helps prevent the other teeth from shifting into the empty space.


Dental implants and implant-retained dentures allow for much better bite strength than traditional dentures, allowing you to eat foods that may have otherwise caused a problem.


Restorations using dental implants can last a long time when properly cared for.

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