Cleanings and Preventative Care

The best way to deal with oral health problems is not to have them at all. For that reason, preventative care is essential.

Much of preventative care relies on proper home care on your part, but the ADA recommends having professional cleanings at least twice a year.

If your teeth are not cleaned properly on a regular basis, calculus will begin to form. Also known as tartar or plaque, calculus can be responsible for cavities, toothaches, and gum disease, all of which require more serious treatments to address.

For this reason, we recommend you make regular visits with our office a priority so that we can help get your mouth healthy and ensure that it stays that way.

Professional Cleanings With AmeriPlex Family Dental Care

When you come to our office, one of our dental hygienists will perform dental prophylaxis, commonly referred to as a professional teeth cleaning.

Your cleanings with us will often be followed by an examination by Dr. Cave to catch any potential problems as early as possible.


A professional teeth cleaning includes:


The removal of plaque—the sticky bacterial film that builds up on your teeth


The removal of tartar, or dental calculus—a hardened form of plaque which can only be removed by a professional


Teeth polishing—the teeth are buffed to remove staining and to create a smoother surface that makes it harder for plaque to accumulate

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