Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a type of restoration that encases a tooth, covering the entire visible surface. This can be to help preserve the functionality of a damaged tooth or to be used atop a dental implant.

dental crown

What Are Crowns For?

Crowns are typically used to restore the strength and stability of a tooth after undergoing root canal therapy or in the case of those who have a tooth that is too damaged to be treated with dental bonding or veneers. Crowns are designed to look just like your natural teeth.

What Happens When You Get a Crown

A dental crown can take a couple of visits to complete. 


Dr. Cave will first prepare your tooth for the crown and then take an impression of the tooth.


This impression is sent to a dental laboratory where your final crown will be manufactured.


In the meantime, you will receive a temporary crown.


Once your final crown is ready, you will need to come in for another appointment where the final crown will be bonded in place.

Caring For Your Crown

You should care for your crown as you would your other teeth—be sure to brush twice a day and floss between your teeth. It is important to remove plaque from the area where the crown meets the gum in order to prevent decay or periodontal disease.

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